[theforum] w.e.o question: pages vs. articles

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Oct 28 16:59:15 CDT 2008

.:| is it true that we have no "pages" on w.e.o. right now, just
.:| articles?
.:| does anyone have an issue with the idea of having landing pages as
.:| true
.:| PAGES on the next incarnation of evolt?  Seems to me that having
.:| certain
.:| information that is not necessarily connected to a certain author
.:| (and
.:| mugshot) gives more of a sense of unity/coherence to a site.

I don't mind either way, but as the articles that are represented now as
those "landing pages" were written as articles and by certain people, we
maintained them as such.

However, with new text and new structure, those should probably be legacy


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