[theforum] OT (was:RE: Google checkout (I was mistaken))

Sean German smgerman at comcast.net
Wed Oct 29 23:02:48 CDT 2008

[lurk off]
Erika wrote:
> ----------------------------
> David Kaufman wrote:
>   evolt.org is currently an unincorporated not-for-profit 
> organization registered in the state of New Jersey (um, 5 
> years and 2 days ago! ...by yours truly).  Becoming an 
> official organization turned out to be a relatively simple 
> matter of obtaining a IRS tax id number (an EIN) by filing 
> one form.  This one:
> http://www.gigawatt.com/dk/evolt/ss4-evolt.pdf
> which grants us all of the legal status of a knitting club or 
> little league baseball team -- or in other words, allows 
> evolt.org to have a checking account in its own name, accept 
> checks made out to evolt and, most importantly as it turned 
> out, accept electronic payments from Google :-)
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"evolt: all of the legal status of a knitting club"

How is that not one of the .sig thingies at the foot of thechat posts?

Anyway, just wanted to pipe in and say that although I no longer do web dev as
part of the day job, evolt and various lists are amongst the most informative
and entertaining resources on the interweb.

Well, that and I think I've sent only 1 other message so far in 2008.  Gotta
keep up that average :)


"The problem with unemployment is that the moment you wake up, you're on the

[lurk on]

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