[theforum] history draft

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 30 00:05:53 CDT 2008

Regarding credits, name-dropping, and the like...

I think that book credits and such would be worth an article... I'm not 
wanting to get into that research at the moment, for this particular 
piece (though I'd be into the idea of doing an article about it IF my 
fellow evolters help me w/ the facts AND IF someone ever gets around to 
noticing and accepting or rejecting the article I still have sitting in 
the queue... it just seems tacky to accept or reject your own article -- 
it might be amusing to write oneself a rejection letter, however.)

At whatever point I (if I) get into writing an article about our 
writers, I am loathe to leave someone or something important off, get 
something wrong, etc etc...(I don't really think we can claim Eric Meyer 
can we?  plus, he just sucks up all my glory with his copycat name.)

also because I'm trying to keep this history fairly general, and using 
linkage to existing content for more in-depth stuff.

For example, tips.  the history of tips in itself could be interesting, 
and their anthropological significance in evolt culture... as an elder 
admin, I might bemoan the current day lack of tippage, indeed, perhaps 
even the lack of clever OT posts... but the latter treads dangerous 
territory.  Not everyone can pull off the offtopic post with aplomb. 
Still, tippage would be worth an article perhaps, drawing the lineage to 
our ur-ancestors at webmonkey and the <objunky>.  etc etc.  (who the 
heck came up with objunkys?)  And tippage is also a bit of an art. 
Yeah, I think it needs an article.*

I'm on a roll in terms of ideas for articles, lately. Someone else 
should author a couple.  Or maybe I'll just write 10 in a row.  That 
could be funny.

anyway... up next, revised history.


*I don't know if there are any traces of the webmonkey article that took 
a bunch of objunkys and collected them. IIRC lots of soon to be evolters 
were featured, including if I'm not mistaken, Martin Burns, aardvark, 
Dan Cody, and Amanda Erickson.  Probably others too.  I remember when 
that came out, printing it out and keeping it in a binder, and being 
SUPER IMPRESSED by everyone featured.

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