[theforum] evolt.org "about us"

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Nov 1 13:03:33 CDT 2008

Please see the about us info I added to test.evolt.org, the blurb in the 
right-hand side bar of the front page, and here:

There may be a few details to clean up yet, but if there are no serious 
issues, I would like to post the about us info, along with the 
"historical history" page (http://test.evolt.org/node/61152) it links 
to, to the main site.  I would like to remove the dead directory link on 
the blue bar (which I found under "themes,") and add a link to "about us."

If someone wants to make significant edits to any of these pages, feel 
free to copy my html and post a new page to t.e.o. with those edits.

If I don't hear any howls of protest before next week, I'm going to go 
ahead and add these pages, and the front-page sidebar info, to w.e.o.



PS the h# tags don't really display well in t.e.o after h2 or h3... and 
I absolutely hate the way w.e.o displays h# tags...  they seem horribly 
out of whack to me way too dark, or too light, and wrong sizes.

If we don't have a front-end design in the next week or two, I'm going 
to want to fix those, just because while working on content, they pain 
me, like a rock in my shoe.  for real, how hard is it to make 
hierarchical headlines appear properly hierarchical??? apologies if this 
offends anyone...... I might owe a tip as rant payment....

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