[theforum] Writers' Guidelines for evolt.org

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Nov 1 22:35:33 CDT 2008

This is my basic proposal for how writers guidelines should look:

This is greatly simplified from the current labyrinth writers currently 
must navigate.  I want to go back to standard-issue clear-cut writers 
guidelines + code guide and have Heilman's 2004 "How to Get Published" 
article linked as secondary reference material (like Canfield's "How to 
Write a How to" is), and off the front page.  I want to publish the 
guidelines as pages either under the "evolt.org" account or anonymous. 
The guidelines are borrowed heavily from aeriks and aardvark, but they 
really should not be author-owned content and I think the original 
authors will understand that.

Please check this out, read through the different pages, paying special 
attention to the "rights" section which I have changed based on feedback 
and standard publishing practice as I understand it.

Please feel free to go in and make minor adjustments if you see 
something that is plainly wrong or typos, etc.  If you need to make 
major alterations, maybe do a second document or throw it back to the forum.

(The code guide of course will look different when we have our final 
stylesheet running on it, hopefully better.)

I'm leaving this for feedback/editing for several days, and then I'd 
like to make the changes on evolt.org.  I think clarity in communication 
our publishing practices may help attract better writers/articles and 
discourage some of the spammy multiple-published crap which I find, 
frankly, offensive.

We should probably say something about a timeline the author can expect 
to wait after submitting before getting a response or pinging us.


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