[theforum] evolt gear / fundraising stuff

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Mon Dec 1 17:16:42 CST 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> Actually, I recall something vaguely similar happening at a beervolt  
> at SXSW. Or maybe we just drew on people. But I had been drinking at  
> the time...

I think it was a rubber stamp.  I think maybe Amanda had made a rubber 
stamp.  yeah... there was a stamping of random people in a bar.  "What's 
this?" they'd ask.  "Evolt!" we'd say.  "Evil?" they'd ask.

I'm not overly attached to any one idea but I will say that going to the 
trouble of creating a nice graphic file and etc, you know... that's a 
time investment in and of itself.   So the more often you do that, or 
the smaller scale you work, ultimately, if your time is worth a damn, 
it's still costing you.

My personal inclination overall is to want to go back toward the tagwear 
concept, with a few thought-out selections, higher profit margins, and 
when it's sold out, it's sold out.

But, I guess like everything else, the choice depends on your audience 
purpose and goals.


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