[theforum] help us build the wiki!

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Dec 2 12:13:59 CST 2008

Simon has helped us think through structure issues and set up our 
wiki... now we need to build it out.  This should be easy with lots of 
people involved.

If everyone could dedicate 10 min a day, or every other day, to adding 
their wisdom of evolt.org workings, we could end up with some killer 
documentation done very quickly.

Documentation will help *tremendously* for people:
1. New to theforum
2. New to any other sub-list (like me, on content)
3. Who have been here a while but need to reference something for a 
project, process, or communication.

If we all put a little bit into it, it could become an awesome 
"evolt.org quickstart," manual, guidebook, etc.  Newer admins can then 
get up to speed more quickly and help evolt.org more efficiently.

With documentation, we can have direction.  Fewer toes will get stepped 
on.  Fewer people will stand around going "what?"

Drill down, and look empty pages or pages you can add to or enhance.

Be bold and just do it.



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