[theforum] What's the deal, Neil? (CONTENT)

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Dec 3 12:59:53 CST 2008

David Kaufman wrote:
> Awful quiet around here, for a week before the relaunch...
> What's the status, Gladys?
> -dave

* I'm curious if anyone else is planning to write anything 10volt related.

* I can write something relating to the survey/rethinking evolt.org 
effort if no one else is currently running with that ball.  It's coming 
to the point I'm less worried about stepping on toes and more concerned 
with things actually getting done.

* I'm working on other article ideas too.  So I am concerned that it's 
at risk to look like the Erika show.  Having someone else publish on 
evolt.org sooner rather than later would be really REALLY helpful.

* I have been thinking about recruiting from thelist, especially people 
interested in content, writing, or editing, because the content list is 
so non-responsive, and because we have so little fresh content.

* If someone experienced with evolt content editing practices would put 
some guidelines on the *wiki* (LINKED IN FOOTER), also, I'd love to be 
better informed, and help more.  For one thing, I'm wondering if and 
when we can delete those PHP articles.... having process/procedure in 
writing would also make it easier to have new folks involved.

* over and out.


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