[theforum] rethink evolt.org - survey ?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Dec 4 07:44:46 CST 2008

Jeremy Ashcraft wrote:
> Martin Burns wrote:
>> Also, I think you'll get lots of answers to the simple questions, but  
>> very few to the 'help us rethink our site' one.
> Sorry for lurking so much......
> I agree here.  That's quite a big question that only can have a big 
> answer and may not elicit a lot of responses.  Perhaps a more targeted 
> "What do you think evolt can do better?" type of question where short 
> answers can be given....
> jeremy

Ok one person already responded to the survey and for me to change it at 
this point would require dumping that response and I am now back to 
Martin's idea, I'm going to leave question #9 "the big thinking 
question" and flag it in communications.

I think that the important thing is not quantity, but quality as far as 
that question goes. (Still, we might be surprised.)

Since it's a relatively short survey, and *all* the questions are 
optional, those who want to do the big thinking, can, and those who 
don't, don't need to.  Those who have already taken time to respond to 
this issue have actually had some really worthwhile ideas, anyway.  I'm 
going to do my best to make sure ALL ideas are collected.  I'm already 
seeing a discernible pattern and I'm thinking that will only grow more 

You know... as a general thing... I feel while evolt.org in the past may 
have gotten beyond itself in some ways, maybe grown too fast for our 
organizational abilities, taxed out our resources... currently I'm a bit 
surprised at how small we tend to think.  Limits are important, but when 
limits are the first thing that come to mind, it's near impossible think 
"outside the box" and/or to create something as revolutionary as our 
"brand" promises.


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