[theforum] internationalisation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 7 11:14:45 CST 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> Which bit isn't clear?
> In technical terms:


I'm thinking about things like building an interface which can be 
reversed left-to-right, right-to-left, a CSS structure in which global 
styles don't assume a certain presentation for <em> (for example)...

and I'm thinking about baby steps... how can we start to step forward on 
this decisively without risking a tower of babel.  In some ways, a user 
already faces significant confusion with our English site, because of 
all the comments we are now getting on some articles (and difficulty 
navigating them).

Anyway, yes the base site needs to be as neutral/agnostic as possible, 
back-end and front-end, and that thinking should be foremost as we do 
front end as well as back end work.  (I can conceptualize former, I'm 
lost with the latter.)

Meanwhile, seek more multilingual admins and editors.  Hopefully people 
who will be willing to work towards our goal even if their language is 
not the first out of the gate...  Though I'm fine with dipping our toes 
into Dutch since we have an experienced editor here willing to go there. 

Yes, personally I really feel the desire to do the nuts and bolts of 
this effort on a specialized list... again, if it's not too much of a 
PITA.  I mean, just so that we can keep the nationalistic flamewars 
separate from the other flamewars (that was a 75% a joke).

Erika (resolves to work on writing more concise posts)

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