[theforum] Evolt.org login strangeness

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Dec 21 12:45:03 CST 2008

On 21 Dec 2008, at 15:20, Erika wrote:

> Martin Burns wrote:
>> Forgot to say - I've re-approved it.
> I had the same experience as Simon and went in and made sure it was
> published as well. :) However I'm not sure it was just a matter of it
> being unpublished?  because it seems like I could see the article on  
> the
> front even when I was logged out.

Sounds like you were in at almost the same time as me...

The thing that gave it away was Simon's number of articles published -  
the cubes image 404s when the number is zero.


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