[theforum] front end urls

Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Jan 8 10:33:54 CST 2009

yeah, backgrounds are "no big deal" and can be tweaked at any time -- I 
like subtle textures (and I made a *lot* of them) because large swaths 
of flat color always come off as a bit harsh to me, but I know this is 
mostly a matter of taste (and fashion).

In this case body bg also shows behind semi-transparent divs.  Another 
aspect to that design is if seems too "dark"(for  example) a lighter 
background (textured or flat) makes a big difference, because so much of 
it shows through.

max/min width is also easy to tweak.  I suppose the whole thing could be 
made fixed-width if need be but that has its own downsides.


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