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Erika Meyer ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Jan 7 13:30:07 CST 2009

who maintains lists.evolt.org page?

If someone were to update the content, is there someone here who would 
physically update the page/s?

are we planning on keeping javascript going?  if so maybe we should link 
to it.


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Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 08:11:09 -0800
From: Hassan Schroeder <hassan at webtuitive.com>
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Erika Meyer wrote:

>     I don't know how anyone 
> knows about it... It's not listed on the evolt.org lists page. 

Yes, and that would seem to be something that could be corrected by
an evolt site maintainer pretty easily, eh? :-)

As another long-standing list member, I agree it's unusually quiet,
but that's also true of many of the other tech lists I'm on.

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