[theforum] [Sysadmin] cron jobs disabled on tron

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Apr 21 07:52:12 CDT 2015

Thanks Neuro,

What's left on tron, now?

weo is on github, right?

So beo, leo and, what -- dns? is still running on tron?

We talked about a little EC2 instance a while back.  I'd be happy to 
look into that again if anyone plus-one's the idea.

It's kinda silly to continue to pay $45 a month for what we have and 
what we need.

Budget-wise we have a couple of monthly donors paying that, and we've 
still been getting $100 payments from Google ads on beo once or twice a 
year now.  So we have a little nest egg building up:

PNC Bank: $340.74
PayPal: $168.89

that I think we could use to make a 3-year reserved instance payment on 
(for instance) the next-to-cheapest EC2 box, to make the monthly payment 
only like $5 for the next 3 years (and still have plenty left over).




On 4/17/15 10:38 AM, William Anderson wrote:
> types,
> i've disabled a couple of dean's cron jobs to stop mails coming in to
> content@ reminding us to approve 3-4 yr old draft articles that'll
> never be published.
> -n
> ----------------------------------------
> so, are we gonna get this vote on for
> the EvoltSysadmin mascot or what?

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