[thelist] accessing a form within a div created on-the-fly

Karen Bowen KarenB at FrontierSoftware.com.au
Mon Aug 14 02:37:45 CDT 2000

Thanks Eric.  Unfortunately it still doesn't work!

I'm getting the error :  "Runtime error: Object doesn't support this
property or method"

I've been using alert statements to see what I *can* access, and with the

    alert("url : " + document.URL)
    alert("no elements in all : " + document.all.length)
    alert("form name : " + document.all.forms(0).name)

The first 2 alerts give me correct output, but the third returns the error.

Would it possibly be something to do with the fact that the form is created
dynamically too?  I am going to try adding the form to the forms array
explicitly, maybe that will get rid of the problem..?

We'll see.  Still open to other suggestions!

Thanks again Eric,

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Eric Costello [SMTP:eric at schwa.com]
> Then change this:
> 	document.body.all.item(divId).forms(0).messageBox.value
> to this:
> 	document.all.forms(0).messageBox.value

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