[thelist] my own server, or not?

Peter Small peter at genps.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 14 11:01:31 CDT 2000

If it would be of interest, I'm soon to set up a group of freelancers to
share a resellers hosting facility. This is not meant to be a commercial
venture but an exercise in learning the ropes and helping each other to
find out how to make full use of the facilities on offer (a collaborative
learning exercise). The idea is that if we get enough of us together it
should work out at a cost no more than that of a book on the subject (not
that any such book exists).

BTW A good forum in the UK for Web site developers can be found at

It has about 200 subscribers and is very active.


>Hi John and Peter
>We're also in a similar position to you.  At the moment we're using
>NTwebhost for our hosting, and to be honest we need something a bit more.
>Of course our major problems are similar to John's,  we can't afford too
>much more and we're also lacking in server admin skills. If people are
>thinking of starting up some sort of collective, which should allow us to
>address these issues, then we would be very interested in hearing more.
>There was a posting on some UK newsgroups recently about a group looking to
>start up a server collective http://www.londo.freeuk.com/crosswired .
>Although they were going to allow people to host online game servers on it
>which didn't appeal to us.  However they had found some very cheap bandwidth
>and rack space. http://www.caladan.co.uk/
>btw - does anyone know if there are any UK specific webdesign/production
>mailing lists?
>>  Anyone think there could be any mileage in a few of us UK based
>developers joining forces
>> and getting something half decent?
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