[thelist] 8/14 Dallas ColdFusion User Group Meeting

Seth Bienek - Web Consultant sbienek at acep.org
Mon Aug 14 11:42:08 CDT 2000

Looks like this is going to be out bigest meeting to date, with an expected
attendance of 100+!

Presentation starts at 7:00PM  TOMORROW NIGHT, August 15th

DoubleTree Hotel - next door to i2  
11611 Luna Rd. (a meeting room on the 1st floor - look for marquee in the
Dallas, TX 75234                               

Aztec Systems will present on using CF with FLASH for dynamic, appealing
graphics and UI.
Ricardo Sanoja will be doing a what/where/why on <CFSWITCH>

You may RSVP for the meeting by sending an e-mail to Wayne Warren:
mailto:wwarren777 at yahoo.com

<tip type="Outlook - how to help keep from looking like an ass">
Didja know - the same rules you use to process incoming messages can be used
on outgoing e-mails as well!

You can create a quicky rule to hold your outgoing e-mails for 1 (10, 20,
60) minute(s) before sending.  Can't tell you how many times I've opened up
an e-mail I had already "sent" in order to make changes, or kill the email
altogether.. A lifesaver!

See you at the meeting!


Seth Bienek
Independent ColdFusion Developer

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