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Mon Aug 14 12:14:27 CDT 2000

Hi, Jay -- 

I just figured this out last week. If you're checking for the state of an
image used as a submit button, you can do it like this (this is the ASP
version of it):

IF request.form ("submit1.x")<>"" THEN blah blah blah

The image button does send the x and y values of your click on the image,
kind of like an image map. So the values returned look like this:

submit1.x = 29 (or some other number in the range of pixels across the x
axis of your image)
submit1.y = 64 (or some other number in the range of pixels across the y
axis of your image)

Using the above if statement basically just checks to see if the button has
been clicked at all.

So what are you using to process the form? If all you need to do is check
the state of the button, remove the "value" attribute from the new submit
button and just check to make sure it's not null. Otherwise, maybe your form
validation IS checking for a specific x and y combination. I'm not sure how
you'd check to see that submit1.x = a specified range of numbers AND
submit1.y = another specified range of numbers, but I'm sure it could be

Does that make sense? Have I missed a critical thing and made myself look
foolish? Again? :)


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> Hi evolters-
> We have a page from which we are removing all graphics. There 
> is a form on 
> this page. The existing page has three images as inputs to 
> the form, each 
> with a different value. ex: 
> <input type="img" name="edit" value="EQUITY" src="edit.gif" 
> alt="edit">
> the programmer has replaced this with:
> <input type="submit" name="edit" value="EQUITY">
> as a first attempt to remove the graphics from the form.
> Problem is, this breaks the form. It no longer works. My 
> belief is that 
> something different happens when a web server (in this case 
> IIS4) processes 
> a click on an image input vs. a submit input, since the name 
> and value of 
> the inputs are the same. ANyone know for sure? 
> Another list has suggested that the form processor is looking 
> for edit.x 
> and edit.y... Could this be a problem as well?
> We are racking our brains trying to figure out if we can work 
> this from the 
> HTML side rather than having to get into the backend. If 
> anyone has any 
> suggestions, please help me out!
> Thanks,
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