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Simon sentient at mail.com
Mon Aug 14 15:33:12 CDT 2000

<tip type="BBEdit">
If you use BBEdit (Macintosh text editor) you can check the load time for any pages you build (or save off the web) by choosing Markup > Misc > Document Size from the menubar. The "Document Size Profile" it generates will tell you the total size of the text and the graphic portions of your page (in both kilobytes and as a percentage of the total page weight). The "Estimated Download Time" section will give you times using various connections methods (from 14.4k modem up through 56k modem plus ISDN and T1 lines.

On 8/14/00, Aileen Wrothwell wrote:
> I think that last week there was some discussion on this list about sites to
> determine page weight.  I recklessly failed to save that information.
> Anyone have URLs for sites that will give me quick and dirty estimates on a
> few pages?  As always, many thanks.  Aileen.


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