[thelist] my own server, or not?

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Mon Aug 14 16:24:33 CDT 2000

Peter Van Dijck wrote:

> And finally, has anyone experience with these cobalt raqs, or with
> powerraq? Are the cobalt raqs easy to use, or do they have quirks?
> http://powerraq.com/ offer the deal.

The raq's can be easy to use, but you're limited with what you can do
with them. Usually, installing any third party software on them will
void the warranty. Further, for most heavy traffic/dynamic sites, raq's
are a bit underpowered. They start out with 64Mb of RAM(you can get
more) which will let you run a static site very well on, but for most
dynamic stuff(CGI, PHP, etc) won't be so hot. 

Shout if you have any more questions.. :)


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