[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

kevin raleigh krr at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 14 22:29:47 CDT 2000

I was hoping to pick your brain without hinting that there was any need to
Obviously I am not an english major and my question still had the effect I
wished to avoid.

I do appreciate the additional info regarding jeff's expertise.
I will most definately be looking for information in these areas as I do
believe in getting my sites viewed by as many as possible.  If your going to
do the work seems to make sense that you  have the largest audience as


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> > I have never heard anyone mention javaScript in quite such a "negative"
> > tone??
> > Why in your experience does the language deserve such a negative
> >
> > NOTE: This question in no way asks you to "JUSTIFY YOUR POSITION" but
> > why in your experience a web designer, programmer should be weary??
> My position justifies itself.
> But for purposes of clarification: I was merely praising the developer in
> question for his site's ability to operate effectively without javascript,
> images and CSS. (In some browsers disabling javascript auto-disables CSS).
> When I surfed the site without any of these things, it showed with a
> background, font, and colours, but I could read all of the text and
navigate the
> site perfectly well.
> And as adrian has informed you, I was not criticising JavaScript - I was
> alluding to its frequent misuse.
> Ever seen a site that pops a new window using JavaScript alone? Ever tried
> browse that site without JavaScript? It just doesn't happen.
> If you want to incorporate JS into your sites, then do so carefully, and
> inessential tasks. Without a doubt, Jeff is the master here (especially
wrt form
> validation and submission). You'll notice his many responses to thelist
> suggesting modifications to peoples' scripts so that they at least fail
> gracefully, and provide alternative methods.
> For more information, you may wish to search thelist archive for examples
> Jeff's thoughts on these issues.
> isaac
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