Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Tue Aug 15 01:40:26 CDT 2000

Hi Neil,

can you please be a little more specific here - I'm particularly confused as
to what you mean by "Broadband and other Wireless Web technologies" -
broadband is a term to explain any technology that provides a high speed
link to the internet (a leased- line for instance), while Wireless Web
refers to, well, accessing the web through a wireless device. As you can
see, they are pretty different things :-) Both are extremely large topics as
well, so feel ree to narrow down your request a little further.


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> From: Neil Sims [mailto:nsims at petopia.com]
> Subject: [thelist] NEED BROADBAND OVERVIEW
> Hi, 
> This non-technical workerbee, would love some non-technical 
> information on
> Broadband and other Wireless Web technologies:   What they 
> are, how they
> work, future possibilites, etc.  Any links, articles, books, 
> etc. would be a
> wonderful and appreciated help.
> Thanks, All
> Neil Sims

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