[thelist] readonly and visibility in Netscape 4

Jagjeet Hayer Jagjeet.Hayer at softwareag.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 04:25:56 CDT 2000

Hi all,

I am having a few problems with readOnly and visibility in Netscape. I want
to be able to hide a Select box and I've used these parameters to no avail.

The code below works fine in IE, but I just can't get it going in Netscape.
Can any Netscape gurus provide any pointers on what I can try here.

vertype() is just a function that detects the browser.



function hideSelect()
	if (vertype()=="ie")
		document.form1.list.style.visibility = "hidden";

	if (vertype()=="nav")
		// None of these seem to work

		document.form1.list.style.visibility = "hide";
		document.layers["list"].visibility = "hide";


<BODY onLoad="hideSelect()">

<FORM action="gohere.html" method=post id=form1 name=form1>

<SELECT id=list name=list></SELECT>




Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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