[thelist] External javascript hint request

Simon sentient at mail.com
Tue Aug 15 10:21:55 CDT 2000

Hello to all on TheList today...

I can't post the URL here but on a site I maintain I recently 
added a link on all pages to an external javascript. Now many 
but not all of the pages no longer end where they used to but 
instead allow you to scroll for several extra screens full of
nothing but background. There were no other changes made other
than adding this new link to an external script. And no pages 
exhibited this problem before this was added. 

My question is whether anyone else has had this happen to 
you and if you remember what you did to fix it?

In case this info will help, here's what I can show you about
the code:

The new link is in the form...

<br clear=all>
<script src="includes/scriptName.js" language=javascript type="text/javascript"></script>
<br clear=all>

...and was actually added to a piece of text inserted at the 
bottom of all pages by a simple SSI call as follows...

<br clear=all>
<!--content section of each page ends here -->
<!--#include file="includes/commentcard.html"-->
<!--#include file="includes/footer.html"-->

So I guess what I'm looking for are any general hints on 
what kind of things can cause a webpage which should end 
immediately after a small footer to instead run on for 
several blank screens.

If you need more info to solve this please just ask.

Any help appreciated, tip to follow as soon as I learn 
something new. ::grin::‡




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