[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 14:00:27 CDT 2000

On 15/8/00 at 11:30 am, krr at ix.netcom.com (kevin raleigh) wrote:

> Just spotted this information, could you clarify?? I haven't much info
> on the Mac.
> I do know that it has trouble with fonts and such.

No trouble; if anything, PCs have the trouble. Mac screen resolution is
72 dpi, which is the same number of pixels per inch as there are
typographical points in an inch, which means that type displays at a
normal size on a Mac. PCs have a res. of 96dpi, which means type
displays differently. If you design a site on a PC and don't bother to
make sure it displays on Macs OK too, then type which is OK on a PC will
display tiny on a Mac.

> Also I have access to a Mac PowerBook 1400 and I would like to plug it
> in to my system so that I can view my work on occassion. Is this
> possible??

Not sure what you mean here-plug it into your system? You can plug it
into the 'Net if it's got a modem... or you can network the two
together, is that what you mean?

> I currently use a PII w98se 333mhz    the power book is supposed to be
> a w95 with built in modem

Don't get the 'w95 with built in modem' bit here...what does that mean?

best wishes,



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