[thelist] Amazon redesign (those darn tabs)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 15 14:12:11 CDT 2000

looks like Amazon.com is changing up the tabbed approach... how 
apropos for those of us on [thesite] who've been tossing the idea of 
tabs around for a bit lately, mostly picking on Amazon's tab-to-
death approach...


From: Jeff Bezos [mailto:newtabs-b at bounces.amazon.com]
Subject: Your help wanted!

Dear Amazon Customer,

We're writing to ask for your help. Over the last few months, we've 
tested several new navigational systems for Amazon.com, looking 
for a way to make it easier for you to get around our store. (By 
"navigational system," I'm talking about the tabs at the top of our 
home page.)

We think we've found a winner--feedback from hundreds of 
customers in our testing has already been very positive. But we 
wouldn't want to make such a change to how our store works 
without first consulting you to see what you thought. So we'd sure 
appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to check it out. Just 
stop by:


Then please drop us a line telling us what you think. E-mail your 
comments to newtabs at amazon.com.

Many thanks for helping us make Amazon.com the best store it 
can be.


Jeff Bezos
Founder and CEO, Amazon.com

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