[thelist] readonly and visibility in Netscape 4

Peter-Paul Koch ppk at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 15 14:51:33 CDT 2000

>I am having a few problems with readOnly and visibility in Netscape. I want
to be able to hide a Select box and I've used these parameters to no avail.

Readonly doesn't work in Netscape.

>	if (vertype()=="nav")
>	{
>		// None of these seem to work
>		document.form1.list.style.visibility = "hide";
>		document.layers["list"].visibility = "hide";
>	}

The first one is Explorer-style, so wrong. As to the second one, if 'list'
is a layer it works. However, in order to make it a layer you *must* define
a 'position' in a style sheet (values: 'absolute' or 'relative'). 

If even this doesn't help, place a DIV around the SELECT and give it
ID=list so that the script now works on a DIV instead of a SELECT.

For more info about cross-browser DHTML and what can go wrong, see


under DHTML => Introduction and DOM


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