[thelist] newbie PHP question...header:location();

Jason Morehead jmorehead at alphalincoln.com
Tue Aug 15 16:50:46 CDT 2000

hey there...

if you want to use php's header tag, that needs to come before *any* 
code on the page.  it must be the very first thing in your document, 
otherwise it won't work.  in order to get your code to redirect after 
it sends the e-mail message (which is what i'm assuming you want your 
code to do), use the following:

	$url_success = "http://www.neoncowboy.com/contact-thanks.html";

	echo("<meta http-equiv = refresh content=0;url=".$url_success.">");
	mail($to, $subject, $messagemer, $mailheaders);

i use this code on all of my sites and it works without a hitch.  let 
me know if you have any problems.

alphagraphics of nebraska - web services
201 n 14th - lincoln, ne 68508 - 402.475.0000

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