[thelist] Mac stuff (was: Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com))

Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 18:13:07 CDT 2000

On 15/8/00 at 12:59 pm, krr at ix.netcom.com (kevin raleigh) wrote:

> Way over my head :)
> Not sure what system 7.5 means

It's a pretty old Macintosh OS, probably about 7 or 8 years ago, if
memory serves.

> but I was told that the power book can read and write PC

True. Macs can read/write/format PC disks.

> With the systems information that I gave you about the PC and the
> information I gave you regarding the Mac is it possible for her to
> plug into my network and log into the internet so I can check out how
> web sites look??

There's two separate questions there.

a) Yes, you can network the Mac with a PC

b) If, as you say, the Mac has a built in modem, why don't you just
access the web with the Mac on it's own; no need to network it, if
that's all you want.

best wishes,



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