[thelist] RE: Autorun IE with index.html

Joshua Earl jearl at adel.tafe.sa.edu.au
Tue Aug 15 20:24:10 CDT 2000

Hi there!

Finally a thread I can add to!

Firstly, getting a particular browser to open is a bit tricky, however
getting the default browser to open and display the html file of your
choice isn't so hard.

I've been working on a project which does this;

(I'll assume you want this to be cross platform)

You need a Mac BTW :)

PC setup;

first - create an autorun.inf file containing this code;


Put it in the root directory of your CD.

Then use either Macromedia Director or Authorware to create a PC package

which boots the default browser with the index.html file (mail me
privately if you want this - We've got one I can give you). Call it

Mac Setup;

Create a Mac Package doing the same thing as the PC package, and put it
in the root dir.

Use toast to burn the ISO/ Mac hybrid, and be sure to set the mac
autorun to point at the Mac package.



At this point we are still having trouble getting the Mac to autostart,
we think it's the version of Toast. Avoid using 4.1, try 3.5 (at least
that's what I'm doing next...



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