[thelist] Amazon redesign (those darn tabs)

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Wed Aug 16 01:52:19 CDT 2000

Good god! I thought tacky tabbed designs went out of fashion years ago! The
second commercial site I ever worked on had a tabbed design - it was for a
UK telecoms company. Now, I'll admit that not being a graphic designer, it
wasn't an especially great design, but it was quite long lived. It lasted
about 2 years, up to the point where tabbed designs disappeared EVERYWHERE
except on personal homepages.

I wonder if the web is destined to be like real life, where fashion mistakes
such as flared jeans do the rounds and pop up again every 25 years :-)


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> looks like Amazon.com is changing up the tabbed approach... how 
> apropos for those of us on [thesite] who've been tossing the idea of 
> tabs around for a bit lately, mostly picking on Amazon's tab-to-
> death approach...
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