[thelist] Amazon redesign (those darn tabs)

Garvan Walshe garvan at compsoc.man.ac.uk
Wed Aug 16 08:13:39 CDT 2000

aardvark writes:
> tabs can be quite useful navigation elements, and while
> Jakob suggest they should only be used to re-represent the
> same data, their use has been usurped to more than that
> thanks to the web... it's a de facto nav element, like it or
> not...

Jakob suggests many things, some which are excellent and commonsense 
dispellings of the hype we often drown in and some of which, like his
strictures on writing for the web that are tantamount to saying: the web
will NEVER be SUBTLE. 

There's a good (or at least funny)  article on A List Apart about him:


Conceptually, however, tabs are no different from any other navigation
element that presents a site's visitor with a list of choices, all of which
remain displayed regardless of which one he or she clicks on, they just take
up more space on the screen in an attempt to mimic the affordances of
something they bear little relation to (a folder with tapped sections).

Garvan Walshe

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