[thelist] Mac stuff (was: Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com))

Zachary Mutrux zacm at etr.org
Wed Aug 16 11:01:34 CDT 2000

Hi Kevin (and everyone else on the list):

This thread has strayed into the realm of home/small-office networking and
Internet sharing, so it may be off-topic. I'm posting my answer back to the
list anyway; maybe I'll come up with a tip by the time I'm done typing.

You connect to the Internet over ADSL through an Ethernet hub and a
Speedstream Router/Modem. You want to know if you can plug your Mac into
this network in order to do site checks on it.

The appropriate question is, "can I use my router to share my Internet

The first answer is: try it and see. If your PowerBook 1400 has an Ethernet
card (NIC), 

(1) plug it in to your hub and

(2) configure your TCP/IP control panel to connect over Ethernet, using DHCP
to pick up an IP address. I'm not sure of the details of this, since I don't
know what version of the Mac OS (operating system) you're running.

If your PowerBook doesn't have an Ethernet card, you will need to obtain one
before you can go any further.

Let's say that you plug in your Mac and you've set up your TCP/IP control
panel (or whatever the appropriate equivalent is)--and you can't connect to
the Internet. At this point, you should:

(a) consult the documentation for your router,

(b) talk to your Internet service provider's tech support people.

By reading the docs (the SpeedStream manual is just a little one) and
talking to your support folks, you should be able to get this going.

Email me off-list if I can be of further assistance.


Zac Mutrux

Zachary Mutrux, IT Generalist, National Service Resource Center
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<tip type="OS 8.x">
Instead of keeping a bookmark file in your browser on a Macintosh running OS
8 or higher, create a "browser-independent" bookmark file. Drag URLs to the
desktop to create nifty little Web-Link-Shortcuts, file these in a folder
set to pop-up mode, and you have a handy link "menu."

The best part about this is you can use the links with any browser on your
Mac, either by changing your default Web browser in the Internet Control
Panel, or by dragging the link icon into an open browser. This makes
cross-browser testing of various pages much easier.

Famous quotations by kevin raleigh (krr at ix.netcom.com) :

"I have access to a Mac PowerBook 1400 and I would like to plug it in to
my system so that I can view my work on occassion."

"I have my system setup using ADSL with a point to point software for the
DSL line. Also I use an external router "speedstream" which connects to my
system thru the Intel 10/100 network adapter card and the 10/100 intel hub.
It would be great if I could just plug her system into the intel 10/100

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