[thelist] those darn tabs (was amazon)

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Wed Aug 16 11:27:36 CDT 2000

Just want to put my two cents in on this thread..

I think tabs can be A Good Thing(tm). Sure they look like shit on
amazon(and most sites) cus they're overdone. Anything in extremity looks
like shit though(except an extreme amount of Bombay gin :) whether its
tabs, frames, graphics, flash, or blinking text. Everything, if used in
the right situation, can be A Good Thing(tm) and tabs are no different.

Would three tabs(for the main site, browser archive, and mailing list
sites) on the new evolt design be an 'amazonish' thing? Probably not. I
think we're(would be) using them in the right context, and for the right

It promotes easy navigation, not the cluster$#!@ you see on amazon.com
and thats what matters. I think amazon was coming to the realization
that they were getting out of hand with the tab system, hence the
redesign. BUT, when they had just books and cd's(back in the day) you
can't argue those tabs were a bad thing.


aardvark wrote:
> i know you didn't want commentary, but i do...

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