[thelist] Amazon redesign (those darn tabs)

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Wed Aug 16 11:42:13 CDT 2000

Seems like apple.com recently redesigned with tabs... I've never 
thought much about whether I like them or not... I have thought about 
Amazon though... I'd say that Amazon's problem isn't so much their 
web site design, but their business concept-- and lack thereof.

I heard a feature piece on them recently on some public radio show... 
do you know that if they had stuck to selling books & CD's, they'd be 
turning a profit?

Something to think about... if God were a web designer, and she had 
to catagorize everything in heaven and on earth on her web site--what 
navigation scheme would she use?  Would she use tabs?

>  > Good god! I thought tacky tabbed designs went out of fashion
>  > years ago! The
>  > second commercial site I ever worked on had a tabbed design - it was for a
>  > UK telecoms company. Now, I'll admit that not being a graphic designer, it
>  > wasn't an especially great design, but it was quite long lived. It lasted
>  > about 2 years, up to the point where tabbed designs disappeared EVERYWHERE
>  > except on personal homepages.

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