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Peggy Daniels pegdaniels at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 16 13:25:28 CDT 2000

As promised, I thought of a tip while at lunch.

<tip type="Paint Shop Pro, saving as JPEG">
This is a really basic, newbie-type tip for those who use Paint Shop Pro 

File/Save As...JPEG format (with appropriate options settings) can produce 
the same result as File/Export/JPEG.  However, exporting provides alot more 
information about the final jpeg file, including a preview of how changes to 
the compression value will affect image quality, estimated compressed file 
size, and approximate download times at various connection speeds.  The 
preview alone is so helpful that I always export rather than save as.

Also remember that jpeg compression discards data, so you should only save 
as jpeg once, as the final step in image processing.  If you have to make 
changes to the image later, go back to the original source (which of course 
you remembered to save separately) and then re-save as jpeg.

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