[thelist] MS Passport = evil scourge of modern man?

Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Aug 16 14:47:50 CDT 2000

>  Also, the more they know about your shopping/browsing 
> habits, the more valuable you become to them..

hi dan

that could actually be A Good Thing (TM)

first of all, i am totally on the side of privacy, although i am not quite 
as paranoid about privacy as some people from that other great north 
american country which shall remain nameless

my info is my info and if i let some corp have it, i expect something of 
value in return other than spam

and i expect each corp to rigorously protect my info and not go swapping 
it with all and sundry business partners

consequently, i'm very careful about what i give out, although long long 
ago i gave up the idea of protecting my name, phone number, address, or 

yes, i realize that without an organized defence of civil liberties -- i'm 
not thinking specifically of the aclu but that's the general idea -- then 
we are all bought, sold, and paid for, so anybody that stands up and 
shouts about eroding privacy or the potential for security breaches is 
hardly being alarmist

can't be alarmist enough, i figure

if the ms passport has the potential for abuse, it's like i said in a 
similar rant a few months ago concerning the air miles card, anybody that 
chooses to use one of these things is crazy (no offence to people that use 
air miles cards)

still, if the big corps actually and truly *did* know my shopping/browsing 
habits, then maybe they would leave me alone with all their other 
materialistic crap that i don't want?

ford? gm? please stop interrupting the football games with car ads, okay? 
i'm not ever going to buy another car, ever -- certainly not a new one, 
and certainly not from you

long distance services? cell phone companies? would you kindly piss off 
and die, okay?  and stop calling me during dinner

feminine products?  get outta my face, already -- i don't buy your 
products and i will gladly put my name on your 
do-not-advertise-to-me-or-my-family list, at least until my daughter hits 
puberty, and stop insinuating that we constantly need to have that summery 
fresh feeling...

as for my browsing habits, well, i *wish* somebody would track that, they 
would see that i am constantly going to search engines to find shit and 
requiring about a dozen attempts before i get the ANDs and ORs right so 
that the results are reasonably relevant

if God were a web designer she would give me a search engine that could 
talk to me -- i'd ask stuff like "where's that bookmarklet, or at least i 
think it was a bookmarklet, that would flip the screen over, you know, 
like a mirror image?"

porn sites?  not any more...  i mean, i took a peek about three years ago, 
but you can't prove it now   ;o)

rudy limeback

slow day? slow week 

i finally go so bored i subscribed from work

isn't a baht something you smoke?

no, no, wait a minute, it's that stuff they chew in ethiopia...

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