[thelist] MS Passport = evil scourge of modern man?

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Wed Aug 16 14:59:02 CDT 2000

Erika Meyer wrote on 16/8/00 5:42 pm

>A couple of weeks ago, I was having problems with my mail, so I 
>applied for a hotmail account.  Almost immediately I began getting 
>email porn spam (at seastorm.com) from hotmail accounts. 

>I've been wondering... 
>did I get spammed for using hotmail?
Probably - there have been enough security holes in it to drive a
bus through.

If you need webmail, try http://www.anytimenow.com/ - it
even lets you access other POP3 mailboxes (and hotmail too).

Until I got a laptop with a modem (yay! Vaio!) a few days ago,
I was using it to get at my @members.evolt.org mail. Now of
course I can just dial up.


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