[thelist] - Taz is back.

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Wed Aug 16 16:15:42 CDT 2000

Hi Taz - 

First thing I noticed is its very, very slow. THe main logo looks nice,
if not a little grainy..

the secret site area is interesting.. don't know about the color
mixiing(orange, pink, blue?) though.. Also, the pink banner seems to
take up a large amount of real estate..

the drop-shadowed graphic links are a bit hard to read..

its obviously designed for a larger resolution(8x6 or greater) and i
noticed some problems with resizing..



Taz wrote:
> Okies I am back. This is one of my latest projects. I have checked it in NN
> and it seems to work perfectly. Being a 17 year old webdesigner I want to
> hear from the *experienced* (cough, cough oldies) out there. So if you have
> any tips on this site pls tell me. Also what do you think on the logo.
> Main public page: www.banner1.net (See the logo here).
> Secret site area: www.banner1.net/index2.html

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