[thelist] - Taz is back.

Greg Strange gstrange at e-tsi.com
Wed Aug 16 17:19:28 CDT 2000

on 8/16/00 3:27 PM, Taz at planet_tolkien at hotmail.com wrote:

> Okies I am back. This is one of my latest projects. I have checked it in NN
> and it seems to work perfectly. Being a 17 year old webdesigner I want to
> hear from the *experienced* (cough, cough oldies) out there. So if you have
> any tips on this site pls tell me. Also what do you think on the logo.
> Main public page: www.banner1.net (See the logo here).
> Secret site area: www.banner1.net/index2.html

I like the logo and I like the gumption to use that colour scheme!  :O)

But on my Mac/IE5 the choose your destination banner is smack dab in the
middle of the screen as well as the "we advertise to get you advertised"
banner.  Makes it hard for me to say anything more except I agree with the
slow issue.  I am on dialup and frankly it was so slow I would have moved

On NN4.61/Mac I didn't have the layout problem mentioned above.  But it kept
saying in the status bar that the transferred had stalled which is what I
usually see when I am checking out something on my server when a backup is
going on or something CPU intensive like that.

"Sometimes it's hard to believe that I am paid to
convince people to sit in a dark room for two hours and pay for it."
                -Cecil B. DeMille

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