[thelist] Mac stuff (was: Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com))

Zachary Mutrux zacm at etr.org
Wed Aug 16 18:17:30 CDT 2000

The answer is "yes, but." Yes, your PowerBook can plug into the network, but
it has to have an Ethernet adapter (PC card), and you might have to buy an
extra IP address. Whether this is the case or not depends on your Router and
your ISP.

If you just have one IP address allocated to you by your ISP, your router
will probably have to have some way of sharing it with those other machines.
Your SpeedStream router probably do this with NAT (Network Address
Translation http://webopedia.internet.com/TERM/N/NAT.html) -- to ensure it's
turned on and properly configured you'll have to consult your documentation
and/or contact Efficient for help.

I've heard tell that Windows 98 has built-in Internet sharing features, so
if you have a machine running Win98, you might be able to accomplish what
you want using that, even if you don't have a router with NAT.

If you don't have a way for multiple machines to share one IP address, and
you don't have multiple IP addresses allocated to you, you'll have to get
appropriate hardware/software or talk to your ISP about getting another

Like I said before, the quickest way to figure it out is to plug it in and
try it. Just set your TCP settings to try and pick up an IP address over
DHCP, plug in the Mac, and try to connect to the Web.

This is all fairly new to me, too, so I might have gotten something wrong
here. Talk to your ISP and consult the SpeedStream documentation.


At approximately 8/16/00 3:11 PM, the esteemed kevin raleigh
(krr at ix.netcom.com) typed the following:

> I was wondering if I could plug the powerbook into a exisisting network that
> uses ADSL without the notebook having to install special software??

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