[thelist] IE 5 Recently Used Favorites!

Eric Engelmann eric at geonetric.com
Wed Aug 16 18:41:59 CDT 2000

Alright, IE5 insists on doing the 'recently used favorites' thing where it
hides favorites you haven't used in a while. I turned this off in Office 2K
right away (stupid, stupid interfering w/ my interface!), but can't seem to
turn it off in IE5. <aybe I'm just blind. I'm on Win2K.

Anybody know how to turn it off?


Eric Engelmann

<tip type="safe surfing">
Rate your sites at RSACi, http://www.rsac.org/ and put the tag in your pages
to make sure that the handful of folks that use the safety settings in IE
(and NN, maybe) will be able to get to your site instead of a warning
message or error.

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