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Wed Aug 16 18:45:10 CDT 2000

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> From: Garrett Coakley
> I've got a small problem, which so far I've been unable to solve.
> I'm looking for a small lightweight web server for my mac (powerbook 
> G3 / MacOS 9) so I can do site testing while I'm on the road.
> Ideally I'm looking for something along the lines of OmniHTTPd, it 
> only really needs to do CGI (Perl, possibly PHP) and SSI, nothing 
> fancy. 
> I've had a look through the evolt archives but couldn't find anything 
> suitable, and searching on the web just gets me lots of links to 
> Webstar, which seems like overkill for my purposes.
> Does such a beast exist?

What kind of server will your pages ultimately reside on? Because most Mac
servers out there are pretty Mac-y, ie, they're not going to behave like
other servers. Any Perl programming you do will have to be done in MacPerl
which is a little different than Perl, and I don't know that PHP is even
available for Macs (could easily be wrong.)

Aside from WebSTAR, WebTen (http://www.webten.com), an Apache server for Mac
($500) is probably the other major player. Your other options are the
built-in servers that come with FileMaker Pro, Lasso, and 4D, but those are
all designed for pretty specific applications.

Perhaps you just need a connection to a development server or a laptop that
can run the same server you use for your real site.

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