[thelist] something buggy in Netscape Tables

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Wed Aug 16 20:19:06 CDT 2000

Janet, I just looked at your code.

It's a bit messy. You have, for example, an open font tag just before 
the table starts.  You have gazillions of <br> tags.  (try <br 

try running the code thru a validator.  In general, you can't expect 
to get a consistent display if your code isn't well-formed (meaning, 
properly nested, and properly opened & closed).


>It's been a long time since I utilized the list.  I'm using a WYSIWYG (I
>know, shame shame) where I have put all of my content into a rather simple
>table and have centered the table so that it will remain in the middle
>through browsers ranging from 800 pixels and up.  Well, I noticed today that
>Netscape refuses to do this for me, and left justifies the whole table.  Can
>someone tell me the workaround for this.  I can add code, but can't edit the
>code that the software generates.  The site address is
>www.planetscybercapsule.com  It's my personal site.  I just want everything
>centered on the top frame and in the body.
>Thanks so much!

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