[thelist] MS Passport = evil scourge of modern man?

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Aug 16 20:30:02 CDT 2000

> A couple of weeks ago, I was having problems with my mail, so I
> applied for a hotmail account.  Almost immediately I began getting
> email porn spam (at seastorm.com) from hotmail accounts.  This went
> on for a couple of weeks, then stopped.

> And is this common practice?

I have a Hotmail account, which does its passport thing to work happily with my
MSN Messenger thing. I have my evolt account, my business account, and my ISP

I let cookies do whatever they want.

I get no spam at any of my accounts.



There was a trend recently which had every web goon and their dog using titles

	W E L C O M E   T O   D O G   D E S I G N !

Don't waste your time - it's harder to read, and search engines won't pick up on
the spaced lettering.


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