[thelist] Double-byte character URLs

Greg Strange greg at ns1.citizenstrange.com
Wed Aug 16 21:19:51 CDT 2000

Does anyone happen to know the website or name of the group that is working
on allowing double-byte character strings in URLs?  I know they exist but I
can't remember the name of them.  They are also extending the allowable
ASCII character set (so that people can use the umlaut and other diacritical
marks) for URLs, I think.

Thanks so much in advance.

...morning and evening we have them,
and they are the means by which we live.
Without them, we would not exist.
Without us they would have nothing to take ahold of.
It seems as if they have some True Master,
And yet I find no trace of him.  He can act, yet I cannot see his form.
He has identity but no form.
                ---Chuang Tzu, Chapter 2

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