[thelist] - Taz is back.

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Aug 16 21:27:18 CDT 2000

> hear from the *experienced* (cough, cough oldies) out there. So if you have
> any tips on this site pls tell me. Also what do you think on the logo.
> Main public page: www.banner1.net (See the logo here).
> Secret site area: www.banner1.net/index2.html

Please use a subject line that identifies a critique request as exactly that.
Also, such requests should be accompanied by a tip.

Re logo - I don't like it at all. Bad font to use. You've gone plugin happy with
fat shadows that kill off contrast. The shapes appear random and have nothing to
do with banners or "being seen", right?

You would also struggle if this logo needed to be adapted for use in print -
think ahead and design with future prospects in mind. The client may tell you
that it's a Web-only business, but then before you know it, they'll want
business cards. And a letterhead. And then if they're successful, it may need to
be adapted to fit a billboard...

Pink and orange?! Orange and purple can work. Pink and purple can work (if
you're designing a site for barbie or bubblegum perhaps...), but pink and
orange - nup. :P

The index2.html lacks structure. Appears to be another random collection of
shapes. The bevels and shadows add nothing and make titles more difficult to
read. The font you've used definitely doesn't help. Why so much GIF text?

Where am I supposed to look first? There is no focus. The varying levels of
navigation don't help at all either.

What happened to that logo from the frontdoor? If it's a logo, you use it
everywhere - not just on a splash.

etc, etc


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