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Taz planet_tolkien at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 17 04:33:52 CDT 2000

>Pink and orange?! Orange and purple can work. Pink and purple can work (if
you're designing a site for barbie or bubblegum perhaps...), but pink and
orange - nup. :P

This is a reply to just one of your comments, thanks for these points and
bringing them up. I had in fact already done so with the company. My reason
for asking *evolts mailing list* for help. Was so I could prove my points to
them on these matters, such as the logo going to be impossible to get on
letter heads etc... But I was given a very, very strict guide to how they
wanted this done. Even to the logo you see today.
I tried to show/tell them why such things were not wise but with no luck.
*Maybe* now with all your reply's I have some more examples to put them off.

Cheers again.
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