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Thu Aug 17 06:14:47 CDT 2000

A "really" trademarked logo has an (R) symbol. Just about anyone can 
slap on a (TM) in order to say "We plan to trademark this logo, don't 
copy it or you could be in trouble." TM basically implies intent to 

I know this because last year when my company changed its name and 
logo, we had it without TM for a while. Later on, we got the word 
from up high that the bosses wanted to apply for official trademark 
so we needed to slap on the TM symbol.

Once you receive the trademark, you put an (R) on to signified 
Registered Trademark. The whole thing is similar to (C).

Got it? :)
>Is your logo *really* trademarked (an official legal process), or 
>have you just
>slapped 'tm' on it to look important?
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