[thelist] - Taz is back.

Villano, Paul VillanoP at usachcs-emh1.army.mil
Thu Aug 17 06:31:26 CDT 2000

I liked the logo very much.  A thing of beauty.  Someone said the image
looked a bit off when they viewed it but it looked fine to me on a Gateway
VX1110, 21" monitor, at 800x600 resolution.  It *did* take a while to load,
though, even on a fast connection, but then again it's huge.  I'm assuming
(yeah, I know) it wouldn't be that large on the finished page.  "Less is
more."  Grin.

Having said that, the "secret site" made me wanting more.  The mouseovers on
the side helped some, but the whole page gives me the feeling of missing
something...wanting to see that first image somewhere (I didn't see it if I
was supposed to!) or something.  Just seemed a bit sparse to me.  Maybe all
the light color fonts seemed too distant and I wanted something black and
bold and "closer"...Just seemed too desolate to me.  

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> Main public page: www.banner1.net (See the logo here).
> Secret site area: www.banner1.net/index2.html

I like the logo very much. The only suggestion here are that the tm and
circle r are too far from the logo and trademark. As far as the secret area
and the font you used for the logo, I don't think it works for the text I
see on the web page. It's a display font, and as such, is over-used on the
web page. For the logo, it's fine. For a very short heading it's fine. I
would look for a font that is more legible for the web page.

Regards, Pat

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